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I am convinced that A & H know and have a plan for future upgrades, features to be implement in a product like GLD. Meanwhile, I hope that we, as users may have some impact on the priority for the functions to be implemented.
After all, we are the customer, and a better market understanding, than to listen to existing customers is hard to get for free.
What we do not know is what limits is set by market reasons, not to compete with the ilive system. On the other hand, if GLD should be a product that competes with other brands, it must have a minimum of features (Convinced that A&H has looked at the LS9 and Sicompact).
I can agree that the next scene button is one of the features needed to compete with the GLD system, this has been standard on other brands for long time.
Another feature these days is a remote control software and in many situations an Iphone app or similar.

The problem with written statements in a forum like this is to know in what tone the author wants to express himself. I hope that A & H staff is reviewing this and I am sure they will take business decisions when they develop the product further.