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it is a old fashioned way folk or in general “acoustic” artists used to go for as in the 60s and 70s the parametric eqs where not as good therefore the inserted graphic eq s on their vocals and sometimes on “pick up” instrument channels.

so basically the was a lack of communication – they should have told you “we need a graph inserted on the vocal mic”

too people of those days WANT the same channel for moni and f.o.h. because the simply do not trust the engineers and do not understand that a wedge is something different than a pa system…..

i remember tons of these-sorry- IDIOTS when i was house ing in a club (for 10 years) late 70s….it is the same breed insisting on hearing 10ms latencie…..

ps: donovan and ralph mc tell used to be easy workers-10minutes check till te first arguing came:”WHERE S DINNER”

not to forget randy newman (solo) said during dinner: “the only thing that sucks on my tour is my singin and my pianoplaying” (the show was the best solo performance i ever saw)

yes in those day the hose crew would eat at the same table with the artists.

louie bellson always came to the desk after the show to say thank you – different times better attitude[:)]


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