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Well done Dave!

Similar issues here with certain nVidia drivers – found out the driver caused intermittent DPC latency spikes. Sometimes Windows standard VGA drivers might be better for pro audio if you don’t need 3d acceleration.

DPC latency is the timing delay imposed on certain instructions used by the computer to process data. Device drivers, including wi-fi and video adapters, can hold the CPU for a long time, with spikes of several milliseconds. This affects all kernel-based audio drivers, no matter whether the interface is FireWire or network based, causing dropouts on playback and recording.

Free tools such as DPC Latency Checker from http://www.thesycon.de can monitor the DPC, so you can check your computer’s capability for streaming audio data.

I’ve added a KB article with tips & tricks for multichannel recording:


Hope you find this useful.

Another good resource for troubleshooting DVS issues is the FAQ section on the Audinate website.