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I found this (I don’t know if it’s a bug or absence of a feature):
on a group (mono or stereo), I have aux sends, but not efx sends!
For me it’s more practical; create a 6 mic’s stereo group and called “choir” and then put reverb on it (not on the single channels).
I know I can insert the efx on the group, but why do I spend another efx, if my “vocal verb” is already present on the board?

thanks in advance, regards.

Aux sends are effects sends, no? For example, I patch Aux 10 to the input of effects processor 1. To send channels to this effects processor, I send to Aux 10. I’m still waiting for my GLD, but this is how it works on every other mixer I’ve used.

No, it doesn’t work like this, I try to explain:
FX sends on GLD80 are not normal auxes, for istance you cannot patch one aux to the fx input, there is already a “fixed fx aux” that does it. The only problem is that, as I said in the upper post, you have no possibilities to send a group to an effect (yes, there is the “insert” but it’s not the same thing), because in its routing page there are all the auxes but not the fx sends.Pretty odd.