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The ACE link between surface and mixrack and from mixrack to mixrack is a hard patch. There are no switches or other network devices in line (Although A&H documentation does say that switches in line are acceptable for greater distances). We use these consoles in a permanently installed environment. We can’t wire it up like a touring rig. We have had them all networked with the rest of our production equipment since we got them 3 years ago.

MacBook Pro/iDR16/Dante
Mac Pro/Dante (Backing Tracks)
Mac Mini/Dante (Multitracking)
2 iPads 3s w/ MixPad

The Cat 5 cable is “mission critical”, I would make sure I used a cable that complies with AH’s specification. I would not put anything else other than the iLive on that network cable. (Even if it worked OK)

FWIW – I have had an issue where I left about 5m of unterminated Cat 5 plugged in to the rack. There was enough noise introduced into the system to stop things working properly.


PS – I would try hooking it up like a “touring rig” (as a test), and see if you have a problem.