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I spent the whole last week troubleshooting but was unable to reproduce the problem. The ACE Link is all over installed wiring. We did find that pins 4 and 5 had been swapped in a punch bay. We fixed that. All interconnecting cable is cat 5e or 6 and under 325 feet.

Of course, after a week of unsuccessfully trying to cause the problem, as soon as rehearsal starts, prior to services on Saturday, the console goes nuts again. At least this time the mains remained unaffected. I was actually the one mixing this time when it happened. I have to tell you it was not a pleasant experience. We disconnected it from the rest of the control network, gave it a few minutes, and it behaved itself the rest of the weekend. I’m not a network guru, but is it possible for a mixer to receive stray control commands? There was nothing connected directly to this console.

Mark, the possessed channels seem to be independent of specific hardware faders. The possessed channels don’t have to be on a physical fader. You can watch them move in mixrack setup. We purchased the hardware in ’09 and haven’t had any problems with it until now. The only hardware change recently was a switch to dual mixrack mode about a month ago.

Sam, I contacted American Music and Sound by phone, should I be going through https://allen-heath.helpserve.com/ instead?

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