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We are currently working with tech support on this issue. The bigger issue is we purchased this console in 09, we are on the second control service and have replaced the motor card about 2 years ago. On top of the issue of 5)3 “crazy faders” we have buttons that dont work. We are a small sound company and use the console on the average of about 3 times a month, my point is that we really shouldn’t be having this many problems with this thing. Now I have been told that the factory would like the console back to troubleshoot, so that leaves me without it for probably at least 3 weeks, plus I have to pay to ship it back. A&H needs to get the quality up for me to feel confident selling these things.


Hi Mark,
Sorry hear about your problems; FWIW our run with iLives over the last 3 or 4 four years has been faultless, except for one minor software issue related to screen computer. The very first iLive’s off the production line had 1G screen computers which were soon upgraded to a 1G5. They would not run the later versions of the software without crashing, and I had to be the person to discover it at an audio industry awards night we were doing production for. But, I have to say the guys at the factory were fantastic, could not have asked for better service …