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Some updates on the white screen problem.
I took out the SBC PC and the backup battery was dead: 0,8v instead of 3,2V. I replaced the battery and the SBC came back to live but the touch screen still was white although the external screen now worked as expected.I had to make some changes in the BIOS ( because when the backup battery is dead or removed everything is reset to default)
i had to set the resolution to 800×600 and the screen to LCD/CRT.after saving and restart now the touch screen is working again.
I still have to re-enter some other settings in the bIOS concerning processor speed and power management: i don’t want the pc go to sleep in the middle off a show. I asked A&H but still waiting for the settings. I tried looking in my R72 bios settings but unfortunately it is PW protected by A&H.

What worries me is the fact that after 3 years the battery had to be replaced( meaning de-solder it from the pc board).
If someone else can provide the right BIOS settings that would be great because i need the surface Saturday.


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