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Interesting. All of our consoles are on a managed control network with a few Cisco wireless access points (not routers). The only wireless connection to a console at the time would have been an Editor session connected to the iDR16 for monitors. We had a wired Editor session connected to the iDR16 as well. As far as I’m aware we didn’t have any issues with the iDR16/Editors. We actually relied on the wired connection to the iDR16 to mix the rest of the service. I did find just find out that one of the wireless access points died at some point during the morning, but according to IT, their logs say it did not start spraying data or anything.

While it was freaking out we disconnected the FOH console from the rest of the control network leaving direct patches from the surface, to the iDR32, to the iDR48. Faders continued to move for several minutes after this. It was back on the network when it went back to normal.

Any idea what your router was doing that caused the issue?

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