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If I’m doing the babysitter job I always keep things clear.

As I only have 12 faders in two banks I put the inputs on bank A, mixes on bank B.

Layer 1 on bank B is mostly the MainMix and the most important delay or fill matrix.
Layer 2 and 3 contain the monitor mixes, 4 and 5 the FX, layer 6 is for groups and DCA or other special stuff.

I stored this in a separate scene and carry them with me so I can recall the scene everywhere…
Once in a while I do the monitor tech in a small club around here with a T-112. There I have my own scene carrying in a different show on the USB to always have the ability to recall my own setting.
USB scene transfer makes this easy…

R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante