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I love my iLive, but I am still struggling with rider acceptance issues.

I think part of the reason is that every guest engineer’s experience with an iLive is different. Every time they encounter an iLive it’s been set up differently, sometimes good, sometimes not. This makes the initial experience confusing for a guest or festival engineer … and its first impressions that count. In comparison, every time they use a Yamaha or Avid it’s the same.

The situation is pretty much the same as with lighting consoles or DAW:s these days: You have many possibilities to execute the show. I really like the possibility to create the mix surface the way I want it, not the way Yamaha wants it. This leads to situation that house engineer must be experienced with the console and he/she must understand different approaches to both the surface and mixing.

Well, standard is good for many people but flexibility for others. They just cannot be in the same dinner table ;-)


PS Sorry for off topic, this could be a nice topic to talk about.

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