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I love my iLive, but I am still struggling with rider acceptance issues.

I think part of the reason is that every guest engineer’s experience with an iLive is different. Every time they encounter an iLive it’s been set up differently, sometimes good, sometimes not. This makes the initial experience confusing for a guest or festival engineer … and its first impressions that count. In comparison, every time they use a Yamaha or Avid it’s the same.

I would like to see a fixed standard configuration to access some of the main functions…. So that every iLive is similar, no matter who’s iLive you use. That not to suggest that I want to reduce or restrict its flexibility. I just want to be able to walk up to a iLive be able to use it no matter how badly it’s been configured …

Option 1
Perhaps AH could assign the first 4 user buttons as –
1) Aux
2) DCA
3) Groups
4) EFX

Press button 1 and you would have the first 8 Aux’s appear on the top layer of the designated “control” faders, then the next 8 on the next layer etc. etc. The same for DCA’s, Groups, & EFX’s.

AH could provide owners with a sticker to label these permanently.

I’m sure some people would not be happy with this – 4 fixed and 4 user buttons when they now have 8 … so under user preferences allow an option of having 4x fixed + 4x user … or 8 x user buttons.

Now when the guest engineer asks – how do I get to the Aux’s? the answer is simple – press the button marked Aux and so….(and is the same on every desk)

It may also allow you more flexibility especially with the smaller surfaces – one bank of faders could now have 8 different functions instead of 4.

Option 2
Do something like the above but as a touch screen “pop” function.

Soft Key Suggestion – select an Aux and have the GEQ immediately on the faders