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I must admit to being more than a little sadden at this response……scene crossfades have been implemented on nearly every digital consoles since the advent of the venerable 02R, even the analog midas XL4 had 0 to 10 seconds scene crossfades, 20 yrs ago!!!!! Aside from the much needed multiband compressor and the ability to mute/unmute individual EQ bands I fail to see what other feature could be more necessary that the scene x fade.

It would seem that A&H, with the introduction of the gld, have clearly set their goals to compete with the likes of the m7cl or ls9 crowd leaving the higher end users with little to celebrate……While I enjoy mixing on my iLive system, I find myself jealous of competitors’ (Digico ) rapidly increasing feature sets and scene implementation…….Unlike other posters I do not care for the need to mix with an iphone, ipad or other gadget, and while I am well aware of the iLive’s cross market appeal and A&H ‘s need to please the lower end user as well as the seasoned pros, I need pro gear, and that, includes scene fades…..

Couldn’t have said it better myself.