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Originally posted by RayS

Unlike other posters I do not care for the need to mix with an iphone, ipad or other gadget, and while I am well aware of the iLive’s cross market appeal and A&H ‘s need to please the lower end user as well as the seasoned pros, I need pro gear, and that, includes scene fades….

RayS – I agree that crossfade scenes should be AT THE TOP of the update development list as I see it as essential for professional theatre production work – but to imply that using an “iPad or other gadget” is in some way unprofessional? Only a few years ago the ability to wander around a venue and make realtime adjustments to speaker systems/Zones and stage monitors was something audio professionals dreamed of being able to do. When the first wireless remote EQ systems arrived they were regarded as THE professional tool to have and cost mega $$ to own. Don’t get me wrong as I mix FOH almost entirely on a surface – but I would now seldom do a single(iLive mixed) event or show without using Mixpad/iPad at set up for EQing, time aligning, monitors, spectrum analysis etc.

For me scene improvements including fades, custom save templates and non active scene preview/editing is probably the most important features I would like to see developed for update – however I would also like to see improvements with the Mixpad app – mainly the ability to quickly select different aux send mix’s while the input window and selected processing window (for example GEQ) stay active and update to each selected mix send. Multiband comp.. that would just be icing


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