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i do “give a laptop to the broadcaster” all the time if the band is not too “channelconsuming” i even use a triple channel split.
(20 foh trim /20 broadcast trim /20 monitor “gain chief”)
for the broadcast laptop i reserve one effect (called radio) –
and make him a custom layer.
as you can see in the example he gets all the fex returns.and has full processing as he has his own channels.
works pretty good for small shows.

now (b)locking the top bar in editor feature would make things “securer”

ps: for bigger broadcast i use a analogue mic splitter and give em a separate ilive rack
then they have full gain control


allways latest firm and software
iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/