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I’ve been getting familiar with my iLive system, having decided to acquire one after seeing on youtube how Memphis Train Revue used theirs


I tend to do very small shows but, when the band has their own engineer, I can see that not having a traditional surface can be anything from a minor annoyance to a headache. To be honest sometimes I miss having a surface.

The big advantage of using an iLive system with iLive Editor for me is that, it allows for some division of labour. If the band wants to record the show, I can configure a stereo matrix or configure a stereo aux, give an engineer a computer and let them mix their own recording. If their is a broadcast going on I can do pretty much the same thing. I can also have a separate computer mixing monitors as well as, one to manage the FX rack and FX mixes. I could even let fussy artistes mix their own monitors if they’re so inclined.

I’m sure everybody’s eyes are popping out of their heads but, what if there was a way to restrict Tony, Bob and George to their own aux/wedge mixes while the recording guy could only select the recording aux/matrix and the same for broadcast guy and the FX guy. If there is a way, I haven’t been able to find it. If there isn’t I guess it could be implementing a list of mixes that a particular user can select (or an exclusion list) and then have the different people log on as different users. Does that make sense or am I opening a can of worms?

I couldn’t run the risk of having to run over to the broadcast truck to tell the broadcast engineer that he just muted the MC’s mic for the FOH mix when they cut away to their talking heads all because he selected the mains by accident.