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Hi Yosuke,

The quick answer is no.
You can only link the two systems using the PortB on both with either Ace or Dante on both.
At this point, the only way to get two protocols going with these multi systems is to use some protocol converter boxes. And those are few and far between.
You could do your entire system with Dante and add an iDR-0 with Dante on PortA and MMO on PortB , but even that is not tested and really expensive. But it would also give you Dante, iDrAudio and Aviom, which would be very helpful.

This would be easily resolved if AH released a protocol converter using their existing cards as options.. I would tend to think that most of the r&d is already done. Just use the iDR-o as a starting point. Heck, i dont even care if they dumb iDR-0 down to routing only and cut the price to a third. :-)

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