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A more advanced secene editing is something that needs total re-write, and this will take a new processor. So, I’ve just learn ed to make do.
To work with what we’ve got.
It’s still a low price system doing one hell of a job.

If you need more advanced scene editing use DiGiCo orMidas.
But they have other disadvantages…
I have a SD10 in my rental fleet, but it’s always the iLive’s that is out working.
And my weapon of choice for many reasons.

Regarding working with what you got,

One thing that’s been working great for me is.
Recall safe a mix under 3-4 songs to make your monitor adjustments on soundcheck,
and store each scene.
And then exit recall safe for this mix and press next in your set-list and you have your
changes saved to the songs you did.
Or just have the mix recalled saved the whole show , do your changes and then lift safes.

You can also take out everything from the scene structure and just save small amount of stuff, then the update process goes much faster.

I have not have any problem with the recall safes?!

It is what it is, and of course we all wait for a lot of stuff to be implemented into the iLive
I meet with people at A&H 2 years ago discussing the scene editing and the demand
from my clients regarding i.e. distortion fx’s.etc. Which it looks like it’s coming.
Scene editing changes will realistically not surface until next generation of iLives.
Which I personally think will be 1-2years away.

THIS, despite…
I still use iLive as my main companion and a lot of my clients favorite “JEEP” desk.

If you need things thats not in iLive, use another desk…simple as that.
I don’t think anyone bothers to mail Yamaha,
prompting for them to make improvements on the LS9.

Having said that, I think it’s important to come with ideas and criticism.
Both negative and positive.