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Hi John

The main limitation with what you want to do here is that m-Waves module cannot currently send audio clock syncronisation over the Waves network. Therefore you would need to send a seperate audio clock between each of the systems.
With the iLive range this is only possible with a the M-MADI module and the RAB2 module which only fits into an iDR0 and iDR10. The RAB2 has a BNC’s fitted to the module sync In & Out connectors that would allow you to distribute audio clock source.
The fixed format mixracks do not have this option (iDR16, iDR48, iDR64).
The only way you could do this is if you had iDR10 mixracks for all of your systems i’m afraid.

Dante will allow audio clocks to be carried over the Dante network so this is probably the better option for you to go for.

Hope that helps.

Sam A&H