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The ability to make an Aux Mix scene safe is possible, hold down the ‘SCENE SAFES’ button on the surface and then press the ‘MIX’ key on the mix channel you wish to make safe.

As far as my experience goes this makes the settings of that mix channel ‘scene safe’ but not the mix itself, meaning, each individual send level to that mix.

And that’s exactly what you want for instance to have monitor mixes not being influenced by scenes. While you don’t want to exclude the channel sends from the scenes because you want to save effects sends within a scene.

That’s also why I proposed earlier on to distinguish effect sends and aux sends in the scene content. Mostly I want effect sends to be included in the scenes, I seldomly want a monitor send to be included in a scene. Ideally we could have all sends in the scene matrix and exactly indicate which send we want in our scene and which send not.

Up till now the *only* way that I could achieve a separation was by patching all inputs to a second set of channels but that’s not always feasible.

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