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You mainly need fade in/ out time for channel levels – take a 30 strong theatre cast with omni head mics singing a big crescendo finish to a song – then loud crowd applause. If your scene just mutes all these live mics then the crowd noise picked up by those mics would suddenly stop. This would be very noticeable in the main PA or to any monitor mix, record feed etc. The same applies to turning many mics on at once – very noticeable unless they are faded in. This could be for example when cast are singing as they arrive or leave the stage. At the moment we have to use DCA’s to fade manually and that can mean complex DCA assignments stored to scenes. A 2-5 sec scene fade would be a more sublte change than the current instant scene change and make programming much easier. The distinction between the way lighting and sound boards work is getting closer all the time. I’d like to see fade in/ wait/ fade out times to be part of the scene globally as well as fade and wait times for individual channels that override the global scene setting. Let’s hope…..


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