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Ok richard, thats the first bit of informative scene information i have read in a long time regarding this console. i’ll inform my engineers…
I still think this system is very clumsy and needs a rework…and much better documentatio0n…hey maybe even an online tutorial!

David, scene fade times are 100% essential for a theare show. you may need to program a fade out rather than just a snap. you may want an actors mic to slowly fade as they walk off stage…
the list goes on and on and on!
Imagine going to see a thatre show with a lighting console that could only do snaps for lighting changes….OMG so ugly! its just the same with good sound design and creativity…

Current stock:
2x T112, 2x R72, 2x iDR-48, 2x iDR-16, 2x xDR-16
4x Dante Cards, 3x ACE Cards