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Every fade with the recorded sound i do in qlab or ableton. I have in every scene a lead vocal dca and a backing vocals dca. If they need any fading in or out, i do that by hand. I wouldn’t want it any other way, if someone is too late they are not faded in automaticly, if they are to early, i can turn it on earlier,without changing the rest of the scenes. If microphones are switcthed, i change the pre amp. They are not effected by scene recall. If i have to do 40 or something scenes i don’t wanna change the old mic to the spare mic every scene because the patch is recorded in the scene. In my scenes i have recorded: fader levels, mutes, fx mutes and levels and dca assignement. I do my soundcheck with a 0.5 scene, before the show. During a show i rarely change an eq of a voice, front of house or monitors. So they stay the same as they were during soundcheck (if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it)