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Frozenwaffles – no Update simply updates all the parameters ALREADY STORED in a scene. So if you update a scene that has everything stored in it then that is the same as using store all. However if you update a scene with (for example) just Mutes, levels and assignments already stored then it will update just those parameters. Note that to use update – you first have to save a scene that has just the parameters you want. To do that you have to use the scene edit function and add only the parameters that you want stored to the scene. For theatre Shows where many scenes are required with progressive changes you then copy this custom scene to many locations. Then go back to the first scene and as you make changes from this point use the Update scene button. I generally don’t use store all for any scenes except for initial set up scene/s – and update that scene at the end of each rehearsal. The scene system is a bit clumsy but can work ok with Theatre if you do the above – however scene FADE TIMES would make it so much better!
You will find that the scenes recall MUCH quicker with less stored in them!


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