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Hi gijsbert, my first question to you is how do you do a lot of theatre shows with iLive and not have fade times???
Second… Sam…
Ok so saving the patch bay fixes the talkback mic situation right now… But how do I deal with patch changes in the middle of the show?!?!?
Why does safe’ing an entire channel not also safe it’s patch…. Right now we can’t safe the patch bay as there are changes during the show.
Sam please report back to your software dev team and get the scene system sorted out. It’s a real mess and does not work very well at all….
Also please have a good think about updating and how that should work better. And then document it :)
Please go and use a Profile, PM5D or Digico and learn from some of the best consoles in the world. Don’t think I’m saying copy from them, but just understand the logic behind them becuasenilive scene logic is just not there…

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