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Hi frozenwaffles

Sorry that there has been some confusion with the Scene Safe system.


Perfect example is is… Patched a channel at the last minute for the talkback mic so VO’s can be made from FOH…recall safes the channel…go through the show…come to interval, go to use talkback mic channel and BOOM guess what…it’s not patched!

I have looked into your problem about the talkback source being unpatched from an input/mix channel after a scene recall. The input/mix channel source safe’s are set in the ‘Patchbay’. To make sure that none of the input sources change during a scene recall you will need to make sure the ‘Patchbay’ scene safe button is highlighted green. This button is found in the sceen safe page under the tab ‘Other’.

I will investigate improving the documentation for scene safe’s for the next release of firmware.

Sam A&H