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Yep, I’ve had issues crop up because of ip problems, conflicts or settings. I’ve had wireless interfaces as well as the wired LAN revert to DHCP from connecting to other outside sources and when I try to connect to the iDR the next time will be no go until I reset back to my manual address. Even forgot a piece of gear once when I set up MAC address filtering on the router and was tearing my hair out because I couldn’t connect when it had worked fine before. It’s easy to forget the wireless and the wired LAN are different entities and both need to be set correctly as well. I have the problem of tending to lump them together and forget to check.


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Thanks for the replys, the cat5 is connected directly to the iDR and have the wifi router switched off.

I think it may have been a ip address conflict.

Would that explain it?

I set a static ip on my mac (well I think I have anyway) and last nights show went without a hitch.
I still had system busy a couple of times but for less than 5 secs at a time.



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