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Ok, here’s a question with a bit more discussion as well. Were you connected to the iDR network directly or via the switch ports on your router and just disabled the wireless? I ask because I have lost connection and had meter freezing when tied directly to the router via CAT5. I could always reconnect without rebooting the iDR so I’ve not seen your issue but was wondering if connecting directly to an iDR port would eliminate any issues caused by routers.

I think I’ve also seen issues with my laptop when it decided to try and find an update for some software during a show. I’ve had Windows automatic updates and everything else automatic I could find turned off and it still would have an update dialog window pop up. It seemed like that happened when I was losing the connection. And even stranger is that I didn’t even have an Internet connection available in the room, just my wireless router so I wonder if it was trying to find an access point with internet access or if that’s even possible for the system to do. Always bugs me when those windows pop up in the middle of something else. They should give us notice when we run that paticular software that it needs updating, not all other times of the day when we aren’t even using it. [:(!]


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