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That happened at or after V1.83 was out. I had asked support but they hadn’t seen that particular problem. I updated and that took care of my problem. I’d wondered if it was a conflict with some other software or driver but I’ve haven’t seen it with 1.83. Really weird how it cycled on and off at almost the same period. I’ve seen meter slowness or freezing (not the controls) on the tablet and iPAD occasionally but I believe that’s just due to router capabilities (probably multicast) that I need to resolve with a better router or access point. I have a D-link 615? currently that has a Multicast selection but I’m not sure it’s fully implemented.

If you suspect it’s software related we could compare what we have but we’re on opposite types of laptops so I guess that seems like a long shot. I really should use a dedicated machine as I have a lot of software on this one.


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Hi Scott
This suddenly started happening to me yesterday, in exactly the same situation you described. Last run through and premiere today. Did you ever resolve this?


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