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I don’t think it would be as simple as just recalling mutes first. For example if you go from SCENE A – which has a channel “x” with high gain but is muted to SCENE B which on the same channel “x” has lower gain but is unmuted then if the mute off was recalled before the gain changes then there will be a brief period of high gain. I believe the iLive scene recall gain issues are the result of the sequential recall of scene parameters with no regard to gain priority.
Perhaps what needs to happen is that the current scene/ state and the next scene need to be compared and parameters changed in the order of something like the following:

1 Recall lower gain settings from the next scene first – lower values for gain, eq, comp makeup, pad on, etc

2 Recall lower fader settings from the next scene including lower DCA levels

3 Add mutes from the next scene (combine mutes from both scenes – mutes on only) and recall new assignments

4 recall phantom power settings from the next scene

5 Recall higher gain settings from the next scene ( gain, eq boost, comp etc)

6 Recall higher fader settings from the next scene

7 Recall mutes “off” from the next scene

In other words – lower gain settings in the next scene have recall priority. This may create short gaps/ dropouts in live audio but that would be better than sudden loud feedback! Of course we also want recalls to happen as quickly as possible also!

Your thoughts?


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