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Hi Resthill


We have a iLive T112 (only ace, not expandable?)

You are correct you cannot expand out of the T112 surface as there is only 1 ACE port which needs to connect to the mixrack.


We also have a iLive 144 (probably RAB1?? (How can i check this))
and a idr-10 (probarby also RAB1?? (How can i check this)
What we want to achieve primarily is to use all surfaces and racks with each other…
Then I guess ACE on the 144 and iDR-10 is the way to go (Witch needs RAB 2 upgrade??)

The RAB1 module is fixed to Ethersound only and you cannot fit any other types of module into a RAB1, RAB2 has 2 option ports which you can change what type of module is fitted. The RAB2 module also has 2 BNC connections at the bottom of the module for additional audio sync options In/Out.

Too achieve what you need i suggest you upgrade all of your RAB1 modules to RAB2 then fit either ACE or Dante to connect all of your systems together. ACE will be the cheaper more simple solution, though with Dante you can configure a more complex system depending on your system architechure requirements. Having Dante fitted to all of your system will also make recording from any system alot more flexible.
The best option maybe to have a hybrid of ACE connections between surface and mixrack’s and then Dante between each complete system fitted to PortB of the mixracks.


A second thing that would be much appreciated is multitrack recording… Then I guess DANTE or ES2 (Also needing RAB2) is the way to go?

you can record using many of the option cards available for iLive, ES, Dante, MADI, MMO though best to see what you require before choosing which modules you need. Please have a look on the website link below which gives you information on what the different modules can do.


Hope that helps

Sam A&H