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I run a mobile recording van and iLive is my main system. I do live comedy shows, mostly for BBC Radio. I do a live mix straight to stereo and that’s what gets broadcast (after editing). I do a multitrack back-up using Dante. Everybody is very happy with the results. I have not used it in a conventional recording studio set-up, i.e. overdubbing and dropping in, but I see no reason why you couldn’t configure it with a bank of faders for inputs and another for outputs.

My only grumble is the noise of the cooling fans in both the surface and the mix rack. I have posted here about this issue before but I don’t know of anybody who has replaced the fans. It is certainly something I’d like to sort out because I find the constant noise in the surface obscures some low level sounds in what you’re trying to listen to, plus i find it fatiguing. Also, if the mix rack is situated in the recording room, it can be heard, especially if you’re recording quiet things. (That said, before I bought iLive I tried other systems and Digico SD8 and Yamaha M7CL also have noisy PSU fans in them)

Ironically, you needing 96Khz is the complete opposite to my situation. All audio is delivered and broadcast (on BBC Radio 2 & 4) at 44.1khz. iLive won’t to this, so I have to sample rate convert down at some stage before final delivery. For me, it would be far easier if iLive T-Series would run at 44.1 – 96khz is all very well if you have a great monitoring system, but most consumers hear our carefully produced audio as an MP3, in the car, on home hifi (often with the speakers wired out of phase) or on DAB!

IDR48 – T112 – Dante card