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I’ve had an iDR 32 for around a year now and have had reasonably good results with no surface yet. A totally wireless gig is a bit scary though. I’ve had pretty good results with the iPad as far as reliable connections, though the Tablet has bit a bit hit and miss at times. I’ve always had both in use during a show and that’s been a good thing if one decides to go awol. I’ve not gone to 5ghz yet and am pretty convinced that phones can be the cause of issues I’ve had. It seems like at home I can run pretty much forever without issues but when around crowds issues can pop up from time to time. Interestingly when I’ve used it a few times in the 840 seat theater here it’s been glitch-free with something like 8 access points (other than mine) in operation whereas a small house concert series with less than 100 people and no access points has been somewhat inconsistent with the wireless. I’ve been using a hard line for the Tablet connection there just to insure a connection. The good thing about the iPad is how fast it will reconnect. A laptop is another story and does affect the iPad if you try to reconnect during a show. I am going to get one or two of the hardwired controllers as another backup of major functions if I don’t buy a surface. I just find it hard to justify a surface with the amount of work I do being part-time but I love the system and I think the iPad works well if set up properly for the show. I also have been looking a better wireless systems as I’ve been using consumer based gear so far.


iDR 32
iDR D-Out
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