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You would be best to use mono and stereo Matrix mix’s to feed all your outputs. Set up a stereo matrix to feed your recording, a mono matrix to feed the hearing system, and set up another stereo matrix that feeds your main speaker system. Just feed everything that goes to your main L/R to those matrix outputs. Set your main L/R mix to 0Vu and leave all eq/ processing off so that your recording outputs don’t have FOH eq applied and then use the eq and processing available on the new stereo matrix that feeds your PA speakers. Simply rename the matrix as your main L/R mix and patch your main outputs to use that stereo matrix as the main PA feed. Patch your record stereo matrix to the SPDIF output and patch your mono hearing output also.You can then bury the original main mix in a layer or even remove it from channel strip view completely.
You will have individual processing on all your matrix outputs so you can put a compressor/ limiter and eq etc on your hearing feed or recording output etc.
If you need more complex output mixing you can introduce groups which can also feed the matrix mixes – you may for example want to do that so that speech channels are louder than music in the hearing assist feed etc.


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