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bad news, it do it again, this weekend I have 2 shows, I changed my network cable and replace it with a new one, no red croos on the main firmware, but surprise, when I tryed to open the system with my ipad, surface frezzes again, then the same history, so in a middle of the show I have to turn off the IDR and turn on again, all works again but I dont use the ipad or editor, any idea??

maybe router problem??

Comfortably numb

I have seen this typically in either network ip conflict or various other network problems…..I am suspicious as to how you are attempting to use this since you are trying to connect during the show!! should you not be all set and ready to rock by show start ?
Can you elaborate a little bit more as to how you are doing this and in what order….seems odd that this would work for the rehearsals but not during show time…….also does this freeze ever happen without a wireless network ??