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I’ve looked into that, but my concern is that I would need two (2) of them to achieve the desired channel count in that location on stage. Doing so puts the input count above the 64 that the iDR48 can process, correct?

Is there a way to have channels 1-32 on the iDR48 and then 33-64 on the xDR16?

The other thought for having the iDR32 integrated into the system was for a back up incase the Master died while out on the road. I could successfully get by for a day or so on 32 or 48 inputs if absolutely necessary. But as I read more about it, it seems as though in order to change the ‘slave’ rack back to function as a stand alone unit, you need a ‘master’ MixRack to connect it to, correct? Is there a way you can create a preset that you can load into the ‘slave’ MixRack to make it run as a stand alone unit again?


For total input count it matters little to the mixrack where these are coming from but you are limited to 64 in a one mixrack setup…..in a dual mixrack scheme you can double the inputs/dsp to 128….. you can assign any socket from any idr48 or xdr16 to any number so, your idr 48 would have some free inputs if you were to go the idr 48 and 2 xdr 16 route. Of course you do not need to have 2 racks connected to revert back a slave rack to master just press the ” Reset Network Settings” recessed switch to restore to default single MixRack operation.