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Originally posted by Mattias Andersson

Hi Im new here, maybe this topic alredy exist?

I recived my Ilive R72 and IDR32 a few days ago.
I connect a short cat5 cabel between ACE and Lan on the router, its a Belkin Play N600 DB. I also connect it the same way from the Mixrack. The routers I use is the same.

I tried the IP settings from the manual and I´ve also tried these.


Maybe I got it all wrong… do I really have to use cat5 cabel between my surface and mixrack.

Yes you must use a cable to connect surface to a mixrack!……..Connect Ace port from surface to Ace port on mixrack then, from either unit use a network port to connect to the router ……..Ace is used for audio and control! so it should not be connected to a lan’s network port , only from Ace to Ace ports.