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Originally posted by blackrob

My vocalist has a harmoniser (VoiceLive 2) that I need to connect as an external effect unit. She will be the only input (mono mic), and the output will be stereo.

I’ve achieved this by setting a direct out on the vocal mic into the unit, and a stereo input back from the unit, mapped to the main bus.

Are there other/better ways to do this? In the manual there is some discussion of FX short/long returns, but I didn’t fully understand. Is a long return what I need?


Think of the short/long returns in terms of latency…..short = the shortest signal route possible, as it is internal this will also achieve the shortest latency. Long is the longest route for your signal since it has to go through the ad/da process a few times and therefore will induce longer latency.

For external processing you could use iLive’s inserts function (press sel on a strip).