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Yesterday, I noticed on of my channel display’s no longer says “On” like the rest of them do. I tested it, and sure enough, I get signal, PFL etc, but no output to main mix? I know is probably a basic question, but I’m a newbie! Can you point me in the right direction?

From the ilive manual p.23

Using the Channel MIX key –
1. Press MIX on an input channel strip. View the current sends and
assignments from that channel on the master strip LCDs and
2. To assign to individual groups or sends, hold down the ASSIGN key
and then press master MIX keys to toggle them on or off. The master
strip LCDs display an ‘ON’ icon when the channel is assigned to it.
There is no ‘assign to all’ function.
3. To set individual sends pre or post-fade, hold down the PRE/POST
key and then press the related master SEL keys to toggle them pre or
post. The strip LCDs display a ‘PRE’ icon when set to pre-fade.
4. For aux, FX and matrix mixes, the faders or rotaries become the
sends depending on the setting of the ‘Send on Rotaries’ button in
the ROUTING screen with master strip SEL active. If a rotary send,
then they remain as master faders. For groups and DCAs (no send
levels), the faders and encoders remain unaffected.
Editor only: press mix button under main group or any sends and select on or off button directly above the channels strip……

hope that helps