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Thanks everyone for your input. It was most helpfull and I now have more data to make a decision.

There was, however, one coment made that alerted me to an issue I never even considered.

Connectivity with other systems!

I was under the (apparently wrong) impression that iLive didn’t “play well with others”. A few months back, before I had the 2 systems, I used an analog stage rack to split FOH and MON, FOH was my T112 and MON was an M7CL. I now think that there migth be a digital solution for this, eventually connecting my iLive system to another brand system using a 3rd party card on both mixers.

Am I correct in this assumption?

Which solution would be better for both this situation and Multitrack recording, considering my colleagues here in Portugal have a lot of Yamaha and Digico systems?

Also, a bit off topic here, can I connect the new GLD surface to the iLive system using an ACE Card?

Hey, I think that’s all, for now…

Thanks for your input

Surface: T112 / T80
Rack: iDR48 / iDR16
PC: Editor 1.83
iPad2: MixPad