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Thanks for your helping, the time the surface goes frezze the LCD colors still on and contain the entire information as well, the meters on, the touchscreen on, but the problem was the frezzen, and then nothing responds, I try to change de faders bank, press SEL button on various channels and nothing responds, I try to reboot the surface maybe 3 o 4 times and the surface just try to conect to IDR but nothing, even no message of any error, lost connection, nothing, just the blank screen before conection, I changed the network cable but the result was the same, then, I tryed to conect my laptop editor but the IDR was missing, I tryed to do the same with my Ipad but the same result, IDR missing, other test was I leave the IDR alone without any cable, the ACE cable and the router, then I conect my laptop directly to the IDR with a cable and nothing, conect my router (cisco wrt120n) and the flasing ligth on the router tells me tha the IDR was there but my laptop cant see the IDR, when the show ends, reboot the IDR and the surface and al works fine again, the surface, the router, the editor and the ipad, even at same time.

maybe you can have a better idea if I post the archives of the event logs, but how can I post the archives of the event logs so you can see the entire log?

again, thanks for your help

Comfortably numb