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Hi Noeme

As albin has suggested did you try and reboot the surface on its own not the mixrack? This could of got you out of trouble as long as you were not using any I/O out of the surface at that point of the gig?

There are a few possible reasons why this could happen:
the ACE QOS would suggest a possible problem with cabling between surface and mixrack. This could then effect connection to the surface and then editor and mixpad depending on how you were connected editor (‘surface & mixrack’ or ‘Mixrack only’ connection), and where the router was physically connected to the system mixrack or surface would also have made a difference?

The actual reason for the freeze of the surface could of potentially been caused by a connection failure between editor and the surface.
changing to multicast connection may have helped the freeze problem if editor/mixpad lost connection to the surface, or connecting editor via ‘mixrack only’ may have helped, though this is not recommended in all applications due to the complexities of running a virtual surface next to your real surface.
The point you made about connecting the laptop to the mixrack via cable after and you could still not see the idr is interesting.

Best for Tech support to help you resolve this one.


Sam A&H