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Turns out it looks like a software problem.

Is anybody running DVS and Dante controller on a mac running OS 10.5.8 ?

The tech spec says it should be ok but I’ve found my laptop is not getting the correct clock, therefore will not play back into the system. When I look at Dante Controller, under the “Clock Status” tab, the Mac’s primary interface clock status is “listening”. It should be “slave”.

Have had a long discussion with A&H tech support & we can’t work out how to change this.

To verify the problem, I installed DVS and Controller on my other machine (with a 14 day license) which is running 10.7.3 and everything is fine.

Anybody working with Mac OS 10.5.8. If so what versions of the software are you running?

I’m on DVS: version 3.2.1
Dante Controller: version 3.1.2


IDR48 – T112 – Dante card