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Check if:
track signal –> dvs tx channel (logic)
dvs tx channel –> mixrack rx channel (dante controller)
mixrack rx channel as source for a mixer channel in iLive.

Don’t be fooled by the IO patch panel view, that shows dante tx, unless you click I/O in the editor. If you click a dante channel, the corresponding mixer channel will turn yellow.

– Make two “patchbay only” scenes (one ‘normal’, one ‘computer’)
– You can assign a Dante rx channel to a mixer channel by dragging the dante channel (io screen) to an input strip when in IO mode.
– Or use the preamp section of every channel to assign the input source to a Dante rx channel.

Check connection status of dvs (dvs)
Volumes up in both DAW and Mixrack. (i know, it’s ‘obvious’)

IDR32, R72, Dante, Mixpad
laptop, TP-Link TL-WR1043ND