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Hey guys, I recently ran across another company that has introduced a In Ear Monitor system that relies on control from a smart phone and or I pad. Very user friendly, easy to use and very easy to explain and teach to others to use. I would like to se this as a app for the I-live. would work great in a HOW with the musicians having control of their own mixes. YES I already know about the app and the app, however they seem to be very much geared for the FOH or Monitor engineer. Not the individual user. It would be a much simpler app with a lot less control and not nearly the programming capability of the current apps. Their equipment cost is not much cheaper then a IDR16 and does not have nearly the functionalty. Just thought as to how we could get I live there. I could see selling just a IDR16 and wireless systems for those hard to run cable places as a great add on to an existing system. Any A&H guys wanting to hear more thoughts, would love to share with you.
A&H I live still the top notch console and biggest bang for the buck, thanks Guys