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Hi Giorgiomotore,

It sounds like Dante Controller is unable to ‘see’ the Dante module any more. The most likely reason would be if the cable between the card and your PC/Mac got disconnected.

The easiest way to see if a cable has become loose or disconnected, is to check out the LEDs on the front of the Dante module.

If your cables appear fine, you might also want to check your IP address settings. Dante Controller needs to be on a compatible IP address to communicate to the Dante module. As default; you will need to set your network address to DHCP enabled. With no static IP address.

I’m not really sure what else could stop Dante Controller from communicating with the module.

If the above ideas don’t work, perhaps it’s worth giving A&H Support an e-mail as they may be able to help further (http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/support/Pages/support.aspx)

Hope that’s of some help,