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I have 6 requests, some of which have been mentioned before…

1. Multiband Comps. I could really use this. I’d even be willing to eat up an FX to get it if it couldn’t be incorportaed with the current comp system

2. Dynamic EQ.

3. Fader to Zero button. The press SEL in GEQ flip to zero a fader is great but I’d love that same ability at other times. This would especially be useful when setting up a mix. So perhaps if a MIX button was pressed then a combo press of SEL and ALT would set that fader to 0 db.

4. Strip meters on a DCA. If often bury a group of channels on layer B or C and only put a DCA for that set of channels on my A layer. I don’t see a meter on the DCA though. It would be reassuring to know that a DCA was getting signal. When I PAFL a DCA the meters work on the PAFL so it should be possible to have the strip meter work on a DCA.

5. Ducker. For corporate shows it would be lovely to have an auto-ducker. Apply it to the BG music and side chain it to the vocal group.

6. Automixer. Another great thing to have for corporate events would be an automixer.


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