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Showing GR meter data in the metering page is on the request list and will feature in v1.9. It would not show unless the dynamic device was ‘IN’ / active.

The big debate is whether the hardware channel processing strip GR meter LEDs should show red if the dynamics section is ‘OUT/bypassed’.

Most compressors and mix engineers, when we did research for iLive years ago, seemed to want to see the GR data displayed whether the device is IN or OUT. On the basis they can see what would happen and the IN button/state is always next to it – so you can see the full picture. Dedicated compressor units seem to do this. For Gates you could argue its a bit over the top – but we need to be consistent.

On the screen there are ways to make it clear. On iLive we chose the yellow gain curve and on the GLD (given it maybe used by semi-pro and even occasional users) we have used the GR data in grey to show more visible cues between GR IN and OUT.

We always listen, but we also must make things consistent and not radically different without thought.

Thanks for your patience on this feature and thanks for your passionate feedback on iLive.

Allen&Heath R&D