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hi albin, i appreciate your comment and i dont mean to be harsh, but it is a bug and A&H said this in an ealier post. i was something they were meant to fix… they just never did.
I get very sick of software developers and people that manufacture complexe software/hardware and not test it properly/throughly and/or not fix bugs/things that are not operating quite right.
if i conducted my business with these attitudes i would be out of business very quickly… yet we have forked over our money and we just sit and wait.
i love A&H and i love the iLive. what they are doing with it is awesome…hence why we have invested heavily in it…
this is a bug i reported almost the day i got the console years ago…and its still not fixed.
anyway hopefully it will be done soon… :)
i feel a major release coming soon anyway…

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