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Hi Guy,

I know you dont use the M-MMO & IDR Dout option anymore in preference for Madi & HDSPe but I was wondering if you could tell me when you were using it how it was connected.

I was of the understanding the with the M-MMO card you could directly connect the IDR D-out as long as you connect both the Audio & DR Link connections, but we recently received some advice that this was not possible and the only way we could do this was to connect an IDR-4 or IDR-8 and then connected the IDR-Dout to this.

I am trying to avoid having the need for additional PC’s and cards and converters and to keep it as simple as possible and maintain digial signals all the way through to our speaker management system and would appeciate some insight from someone who has physically done this.

Maybe one of the A & H Guys like Sam, Jeff or Nicola could also pass comment on at firware version 1.83 is it possible to connect the IDR-Dout directly to M-MMO or is the IDR-4 required.

It’s a lot of money to spend just to find out it won’t work and if the IDR-4 or 8 is required we will just find another way to do it or stick to analogue signals and the additional set of convertors.